Here at TucanStore we work hand in hand with many local and international artists to bring you the widest variety of art sales in Panama.

What is the art?.

It can be defined as what produces man with various purposes, and can be communicative or aesthetic that are reflected through painting, sculpture, literature or music. Art teaches us to express ourselves, to show how to tell others how we feel, without using words. It touches people in different ways and for many finding the connection with that can give meaning to happiness. Art can reflect the society in which it was made by the artist, since it has also been used as a symbol of protest against oppression, wars or panama

Art in Panama

It is a mixture of indigenous and modern origin for being a country of union of cultures. One of the best known is the Mola (which means shirt in your language), made by the indigenous Gunas, most made for souvenirs and which you can also buy them in this link: In the context of music, Panama has a rich and varied context that includes everything from folk music, to rock, jazz and the famous reggaeton. Panama is also the birthplace of many notable painters such as Guillermo Trujillo (b.1927) and Alfredo Sinclair (b.1915) are considered two of the best and his work has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

Decorate with art:

art in panamaAlthough you do not consider yourself a collector of famous paintings, you can decorate easily with paintings and paintings. Having a good work at home, can transmit thousands of emotions and give a flow of harmony to the decoration of the home. Find the largest variety of art in Panama here

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