Hammocks for sale in Panama,

At TucanStore you can find the largest variety of hammocks for sale, and we Deliver All Over The World. If you want to buy one click here We have a special contribution of a Nicaraguan artist, located in Masaya. Together with his team , make custom creations following the inherited techniques and new trends in different colors, styles, and consumer tastes. Their hammocks are crafted from 100 % cotton yarn , of the highest quality. The different designs that will hang the hammock are also configurable , making your hammock even more special. Do not miss the designs they have in the web, and if you want an order with specific colors, or have any question about the shipping, please contact us! Do you know from where is the hammock?. Here’s a -little bit of history: The origin is attributed to the Mayans over 1000 years ago. At first, were prepared from the bark of a tree called Hamack . And it was not until 60 years ago, which was first manufactured in cotton. After Columbus popularized in Europe, and thus began the use of marine hammock,(which lasted nearly three centuries), to prefer it on the uncomfortable beds of the vessel at the time. Is also used for meditation. Hammocks in Panama for example, are used by the Kuna in nocturnal assemblies , which are made in the House of Congress, led by sailas ( Kuna authorities ) , who make the session sitting in hammocks (Cobb , 1986: 488- 9) . This is due because they consider that the hammocks placed in the center, are sacred and represent the lap of mother earth, and whoever invokes draws its wisdom. At present , it is used everywhere in the world, for daily rest and also as decoration for our terrace, living room , bedroom and what comes to mind. Now dominated by vibrant colors and all possible combinations.

hammock for sale in Panama

The hammock placed man at the sky

Do not miss the hammock sale section of our store  . You can find the new styles we have prepared for you.

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